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Jim's latest book

Great Australian Aviation Stories - $40 posted anywhere in Australia


Today flying is part of our everyday lives; we take a plane to go on a holiday, to attend a wedding, a funeral, a birthday or a reunion - even for our work. Yet only 75 years ago the skies were still the domain of pioneers and adventurers. This was the era of Australia's aviation legends.

Join Jim Haynes and Jillian Dellit in a very special tribute to Australia's rich aviation history as they share the stories of the characters, pioneers, heroes and adventurers whose triumphs, tragedies and near misses made commercial flight a reality for us all.

Here are the amazing true stories of Smithy, Ross and Keith Smith, Bert Hinkler, Amy Johnson and Nancy Bird-Walton - and many more, less famous but no less brave. Great Australian Aviation Stories includes tales of our early outback aviation pioneers and daring feats of bravery by our flyers in both World Wars.

Stirring first-hand accounts of history-making flights across uncharted oceans and continents by Kingsford Smith and Ross and Keith Smith go hand-in-hand with the history of towns like Mildura and Narromine, which became aviation centres and remain part of our heritage.

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