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Jim’s Australiana Spot – 2UE - JUNE 25, 2017

Sydney Harbour History and Art

This Tuesday at 2pm The Coast Centre at Little Bay will host a small exhibition of artworks of SYDNEY HARBOUR, ranging from convict artists to Brett Whitely. So Let's look at the history our beautiful Harbour.

1 What did Captain Cook do at noon on 6 may 1770?
  Named Port Jackson
2 We all know who called Sydney Harbour the finest harbour in the world. Who called it the finest harbour in the universe?
  Surgeon John White
3 When Francis Morgan, about to be hanged on Pinchgut in 1796, was asked would he like to ask forgiveness or confess he said no, there was only one thing worth mentioning.....what was it?
  The superb view of the harbour from his high elevation, and that he was sure there were no waters the world over to compare with it for beauty.

COOKS'S JOURNAL        "6th May 1770 at Noon we were by observation in the Latitude of 33 degrees 50 minutes South, about 2 or 3 Miles from the Land, and abreast of a Bay, wherein there appear'd to be safe Anchorage, which I called Port Jackson."

WHITE'S JOURNAL        "26th January 1788. At ten o'clock the Sirius, with all the ships, weighed, and in the evening anchored in Port Jackson…. The Supply had arrived the day before, and the governor, with every person that could be spared from the ship, were on shore, clearing the ground for the encampment.

            Port Jackson I believe to be, without exception, the finest and most extensive harbour in the universe, and at the same time the most secure, being safe from all the winds that blow. It is divided into a great number of coves, to which his excellency has given different names. That on which the town is to be built, is called Sydney Cove. It is one of the smallest in the harbour,

            In a word, Port Jackson would afford sufficient and safe anchorage for all the navies of Europe. "

MORGAN Francis            30 November 1796. David Collins: Executed pursuant to the sentence of the court. At Sydney, Francis Morgan, for wilful murder ie bashing Simon Raven to death in Sydney on 18 October 1796. Morgan was a convict arrived in 1793. In late 1796 the Governor Hunter had installed a gibbet on Pinchgut. Following his execution his body was hung in chains His skeleton was still hanging there four years after his execution. He said to the hangman that the only thing worth mentioning was the superb view of the harbour from his high elevation, and that he was sure there were no waters the world over to compare with it for beauty.

The Bonny Port of Sydney
Henry Lawson

The lovely Port of Sydney
Lies laughing to the sky,
The bonny Port of Sydney,
Where the ships of nations lie.
You shall never see such beauty,
Though you sail the wide world o’er,
As the sunny Port of Sydney,
As we see it from the Shore.

The shades of night are falling
On many ports of call,
But the harbour lights of Sydney
Are the grandest of them all;
Such a city set in jewels
Has ne’er been seen before
As the harbour lights of Sydney
As we see them from the Shore.

I must sail for gloomy London,
Where there are no harbour lights,
Where no sun is seen in winter,
And there are no starry nights;
And the bonny Port of Sydney –
I may never see it more,
But I’ll always dream about it
As we view it from North Shore.



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