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Jim’s Australiana Spot – 2UE - June 18, 2017

The Aussie Sayings PT2

Last week we talked about the old phrase of greeting 'WHAT DO YOU KNOW?' and "Where IS IT?'  ...... had so many calls!

So this week we want to see if listeners can match a few more sayings Jim remembers ... and give us some of their own! Match Jim's examples and win a CD.

These are really EUPHEMISMS or cryptic ways of describing people and places and things.

1 A male person you wish to talk about in a nice way - whose name you don't know? THIS IS A REAL BUSH saying?
  Old Mate
2 Mother-in-law? Sometimes the wife. 
  The Minister for War
3 Your place of work? (the salt mines)
  The salt mine
4 To let someone have a chance at something or a chance to speak or defend themselves?
  Fair crack of the whip / fair suck of the sav or fair suck of the sauce bottle

Euphemisms for the wife were MANY and VARIED:
She who must be obeyed.   Cheese and kisses.  Ball and Chain.
Her indoors. 'Cyclone' Tracey. The better half. The handicap.

Who remembers these:
The LIBRARY for outdoor dunny. THE OFFICE for the pub?

The Day Our Trotter Kicked Aunt Kate
Wilbur G Howcroft

The day our trotter kicked Aunt Kate
Was one we won’t forget,
Our family was dazed with grief
And things ain’t normal yet.

Oh, what a tragedy it was!
For days we hardly slept!
Poor Uncle took it very hard,
In fact he up and wept.

The neighbours, though, were very kind
And visited for weeks.
Mum gave them tea and buttered scones
While tears rolled down her cheeks.

The womenfolk, their voices hushed,
Brought sandwiches and cakes,
While long-time enemies of ours
Called in for old-time sakes.

Our Dad was in a dreadful state,
We feared he’d lose his mind,
Till parson spoke of courage
And the faith of humankind.

So now Dad’s quietened down a bit,
Says no one was to blame,
’Twas just the cruel hand of Fate
That made our trotter lame . .


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