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Jim’s Australiana Spot – 2UE - July 30, 2017

Games Aussie kids 'USED TO PLAY!" PART2

So many responses to last weeks 'GAMES WE USED TO PLAY' but no one has yet explained the rules of VIGORO!  There IS an Australian MARBLES Championship! At Brunswick Heads every June long weekend! Oddly enough the team from BRUNSWICK PRIMARY SCHOOL are Australian Champions!

Today I want to know about SCHOOLYARD games we played. Do kids today ever play .... SKIPPING with COUNTING AND ALPHABET GAMES?  Likes high/low/dolly/pepper??? Unders and Overs??? Does anyone remember the game where the rope went BOTH directions at ONCE?
Who remembers the rules of ... FLY?  LASTICS? HOPSCOTCH?

When was the last time u saw a HOPSCOTH game drawn on pavement?

1 Name the everyday term from MARBLES that means start again?
  Back to TORS or TAWS
2 Name the everyday term from MARBLES that means to get serious and stop fooling around?
3 Many Americans think this term came from a Humphrey Bogart movie ... but it probably comes from the french word for furniture OR from the game we are discussing today. What is it?
   Lose your marbles

VIGORO RULES - The game was invented in 1901 by Englishman John George Grant. There are two teams of 12 players which will bat and field two innings each (except in the event that a team wins with an innings in hand). The aim of the game is for a team to score more runs than the opposition team. There are no overs and the batsmen bat from one end only. Two bowlers bowl alternately and can incorporate any type of "throwing" action as long as the ball is released above the shoulder (i.e. not underarm). If the ball is hit forward of the crease, the batter must run. Still played in Tasmania, NSW and Queensland.

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