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Jim’s Australiana Spot – 2UE - July 16, 2017

Who are we ? Where do Us Aussies come from?

Last week we discussed the 164 000 convicts that make up our gene pool.
Where does the rest of the gene pool come from?

1 Why were 170 000 of the migrants who arrived here between 1946 and 1952 especially happy to get here?
  They had NO homes
2 Guess the % increase in Melbourne's [population between 1850 and 1860.
3 Why did Italian and Greek migration explode after WW2?  Very different reasons!
  Italian POWS came back - our troops felt close to Greeks after fighting there

Today about 24% or 1 in 4 Aussies are ‘migrants’ … our Anglo/Celtic, OTHER European and Asian ethnic background percentages roughly 70% 18% 6.5%.There are many MYTHS about ethnic characteristics – a report into ‘ethnic crime’ in 1980s showed only ONE group of migrants were more likely to break the law than native born Australians – they were New Zealanders!

Our Ethnicity:
1810: Pop 20 000  2 200 women 2 700 kids 15 000 men 30% convict
1828: 36 595 46% convict – 1st official census…..
Jim’s estimated
ETHNICITY for 1828 Aboriginals 98.8% Anglo Celt 1.1% other .1%

Our ETHNIC make up TODAY?
70% Anglo Celtic (Brit) 18% European (7% North 7% South 4 % East) 6.5% Asian 2.5 Mid East/African 1.5% Aboriginal/TSI  1% Pacific Is
1832 Land & Emigration C’Commission est in UK – 1 088 shiploads of migrants in next 35 years 340 000 migrants – again in 1925 &1947
• 1840s Caroline Chisholm, Catholic Church.
• Gold rushes … anti Chinese laws 1855 and again 1870s & 1890s
• 1921 Italians arrive  - after USA restricts immigration

The first wave of post war migration began with Displaced Persons. These people fled their countries which had been utterly destroyed by war or overran by the Soviet Union. Between 1947 and 1953 the Australian Government assisted over 170,000 Displaced Persons to migrate to Australia.

Eric Bogle

I’m drowning in the sunshine as it pours down from the sky.
There’s something stirring in my heart, bright colours fill my eye,
As from here to the far horizon your beauty does unfold,
And oh, you look so lovely dressed in green and gold.

I can almost touch the ocean, shimmering in the distant haze,
As I stand here on this mountain on this loveliest day of days.
Round half the world I’ve drifted, left no wild oats unsown,
But now my view has shifted and I think I’ve just come home.

To the homeless and the hungry may you always open doors.
May the restless & the weary find safe harbour on your shores.
May you always be our

place, our spirit’s glad release,
May you always be our shelter, may we always live in peace. 


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