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Jim’s Australiana Spot – 2UE - March 24, 2013

Greeks in Australia  

Greek flag


Those lucky GREEK/AUSSIES.... TWO Easters....TWO Boxing Days!! Who can explain???
Orthodox holidays vary from Roman Christian ones - Jim will explain
There is an urban myth that Melbourne is the world's 2nd largest Greek City .... where does it ACTUALLY come in??
5th it IS the 2nd largest Greek city outside Greece... after New York
How did WW2 change our attitude to Greek immigration?  (our soldiers fought with Greek partisans and admired their bravery
Greeks sheltered many Aussies in Greece and Crete


Different Religious holidays -
•St Stephen's Day is Dec 27th in Greek Calendar.
• Greek Easter is based on the old Julian not the Gregorian...it must occur after the Jewish Passover and is on the first Sunday after the first full moon after the Spring Equinox.

The first ever Greek immigrants to Australia were seven sailors convicted of piracy by a British naval court in 1829 and sent to serve out their terms in NSW. Though eventually pardoned, two of the seven Greeks stayed and settled in the country.

•The first known free Greek migrant to Australia was Katerina Georgia Plessos (1809–1907), who arrived with her husband Major James Crummer in 1835. They married in 1827 on the island of Kalamos where Crummer, the island's commandant and she was a young refugee from the Greek wars of Independence. She is thought to be one of the last people to speak to Lord Byron. They lived in Sydney, Newcastle and Port Macquarie where she is buried. They had 11 children.

• Gold Rushes and Greek expulsion from Asia Minor brought more Greeks and population was 12,291 by the time of the 1947 census.
By 1971 there were 160,200 Greek-born Greeks in Australia. Today, just under half of the Greek-born (49.6%) live in Victoria and a third in NSW.

Greek is 4th most spoken language in Australia after English, Chinese and Italian. Many Aussie sports people and politicians are of Greek descent ....

Greeks are the most likely migrants to return home..... there are 140 000 Aussie citizens living in Greece. Many come and go between the two countries


Some examples of the beautiful greek sea side and historic buildings




Jim Haynes


How Australian are you? Can you play the didgeridoo?
Could you go naked in the bush and still  survive?
Can you cook a kangaroo? Spear a barramundi too?
Do you know which plants to eat to stay alive?

Was dad a shearer or a drover? Or did your family come over
From Europe or Asia just last year?
How Australian can you get? Can you ride a surfboard yet?
When we beat the Poms at cricket do you cheer?

How Australian are you? Can you make a wallaby stew?
Did your great-great-granddad come on that first fleet?
Was he a convict? Is it true? Was he a red haired bloke called ‘Blue’?
Did he hop around with chains upon his feet?

How Australian am I? I’ll drink a beer and eat a pie
And me granddad owned some cattle, and  some sheep.
How Australian was yours? Did he fight in any wars?
Did he die at Gallipoli or in his sleep?

Was your granddad true blue? Was your dad a digger too?
Any explorers in your family tree?
A pioneer or two? Just a bushranger will do.
Does that make you more Australian than me?

What’s your Aussie claim to fame? Do you have an Aussie name?
‘Oodgeroo Noonuccal’, ‘Namatjira’, oh, they’re  easy.
But ‘Victor Chang’ and ‘Jenny Kee’,
Sound Australian to me. Like ‘Ettingshausen’, ‘Dipierdomenico’ and  ‘Campese’.

So how Australian are you? Are you Aussie through and through?
If you can’t do all these things are you an Alien?
Well maybe we should start With how you feel, inside your heart,
’Cos there are eighteen million ways to be  Australian. 

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