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Jim’s Australiana Spot – 2UE - February 3, 2013



Today's spot is about HENRY LAWSON, Australian country music and adapting poems and stories to music. I thought George and Paul would like to meet a singer who has used Lawson as inspiration for a very successful song!

GOLDEN GUITARS Winners were announced last week and the 'AUSTRALIANA' element was strong on this year's awards. While 'contemporary' country artists like The McClymonts and Chelsea Basham did well ... and traditional American style singer Catherine Britt won female artist - the Aussie brand of 'country music' was also successful with Troy ...and special guest LUKE O'SHEA winning Golden Guitars.

The HERITAGE award is an important GOLDEN GUITARS  - it was introduced in 1980 and this year the Australian Bush Laureate Awards introduced a category for 'Best Australian Song Lyric'  and this year LUKE O'SHEA won BOTH those awards.


When Lawson was accused of being a writer who had NO understanding of love and women, he wrote a poem which has been set to music more than any other of his poems - it was slim dusty's favourite poem and was played at slim's funeral. what is it?
Do they think that I do not know?
Slim dusty recovered several albums of lawson's poems set to music - name the popular versions of a poem about meeting a drink under a pub verandah
...and making fun of an American 'rough rider' who brought his show to Australia
A word to Texas Jack

Luke O'Shea will perform THE DROVER'S WIFE - then chat about his inspiration and
what he tries to do with his music and his plans for the future.

Slim Dusty
Luke O'Shea
Slim Dusty
Luke O'Shea

'do they think that i did not know'
Henry Lawson

They say that I never have written of love,
As a writer of songs should do;
They say that I never could touch the strings
With a touch that is firm and true;
They say I know nothing of women and men
In the fields where Love’s roses grow,
And they say I must write with a halting pen –
Do you think that I do not know?

When the love-burst came, like an English Spring,
In the days when our hair was brown,ˆ
And the hem of her skirt was a sacred thing
And her hair was an angel’s crown.
The shock when another man touched her arm,
Where the dancers sat round in a row;
The hope and despair, and the false alarm –
Do you think that I do not know?

By the 'arbour lights on the western farms,
You remember the question put,
While you held her warm in your quivering arms
And you trembled from head to foot.
The electric shock from her finger tips,
And the murmuring answer low,
The soft, shy yielding of warm red lips –
Do you think that I do not know?

She was buried at Brighton, where Gordon sleeps,
When I was a world away;
And the sad old garden its secret keeps,
For nobody knows to-day.
But the haunting words of the dead to me
Shall go wherever I go.
She lives in the Marriage that Might Have Been –
Do you think that I do not know?

They say that I never have written of love,
They say that my heart is such
That finer feelings are far above;
But a writer may know too much.
There are darkest depths in the brightest nights,
When the clustering stars hang low;
There are things it would break his strong heart to write –
Do you think that I do not know?

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