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Jim’s Australiana Spot – 2UE - February 24, 2013

  New EVENT  & Awards for Over 50s & Grey Nomads

Stone the crows

The EVENT is The STONE THE CROWS FESTIVAL to be held at Camp Kurrajong near Wagga Wagga is a gathering of Grey Nomads with concerts, workshops, fun events, camaraderie and competitions for the over 50s. Unlike many Grey Nomad events this one is not vehicle specific. 'We don't care how you get around Australia, just come and camp and have fun.

Q Who can explain these grey nomad terms
Fifth wheeler - Pop top - Whizz bang
Where is the old airport that is now a Grey nomad Centre
A Casino

The Saturday night concert features 2013 Country Music Wall of Renown's inductee Wayne Horsburgh, along with Grant Luhrs and Jim Haynes.

Lesson and workshops include: •Ukulele for beginners  / Writing Bush Verse / Performing Bush Verse / Song Writing Basics / Disc Bowls - how to play / Petanque - how to play / RV lifestyle seminars / Satellite TV for the Traveller / iPad + iPhone for Grey Nomads / Embroidery / Knitting / Crocheting  / Quilting / Woodwork  / Personal safety for women / Camp Oven Cooking / Line Dancing

The gReyVee Awards

The event will also incorporate awards to recognise the talents of the over 50s, and you don't even have to own a caravan or campervan to enter! Events range from talent quests and verse recital to disk bowls, petanque and 'stoning the crows'.

These innovative new awards are called the gReyVees and they will be awarded annually at Wagga Wagga at Easter. 

As well as events held over the weekend, there are  three 'external' categories which anyone over 50 can enter - they are Photography, Verse Writing and Embroidery. Each year there will be a theme for these events - this year's theme is 'Birds'.

Wayne Horsburgh
Grant  Luhrs
Wayne Horsburgh
Grant Luhrs

J W Gordon (Jim Grahame)

I think the world seems kinder since I’ve laid aside ambition
And have given over following old hopes that were in vain.
Now peace and calm and comfort seem the natural condition
As I rise to greet the morning without thought of loss or gain.

When my garden plots are blooming comes to me great satisfaction,
As I dawdle through the morning where the standard roses grow,
And a thriving row of cabbages nowadays has more attraction
Than did seats of high and mighty more than thirty years ago.

If it’s raining in the morning I may lie abed and listen
To the rhythmic splash of water as it trickles from the eaves,
And later, see the raindrops in the sunlight, all aglisten
Where the spiders have been spreading filmy nets amongst the leaves.

It’s grand to have that feeling that there is no need to hurry,
As I watch keen youth and vigour chasing name and fame or gold,
When I’m sure their phantom ideals are unworthy of the worry,
While I take the way that’s easy and I’m glad I’m growing old.

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