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Jim’s Australiana Spot – 2UE - April 14, 2013

  Sydney salutes a Champion - 'Being There'

Black Caviar

In an age when we can see everything better on TV or iPad ... people still want to 'be there' when history is made. There were so many children there yesterday at Randwick ...dressed in salmon and black spots ... when Black Caviar won her 25th race.

Yesterday was Derby Day .... thought for most it was 'Black Caviar Day' and the ladies wore salmon and black - what colours should they have worn?
Traditionally... black and white on Derby Day
Why do horses have such long legs and run so fast?
each hoof is a toe...and they have 6 joints in each 'leg' to produce speed
Black Caviar hasn't really developed a nickname .. except the MIGHTY MARE .... Give us the nicknames of the two great Depression champions Phar Lap and Peter Pan.
Red Terror...   Blond Bombshell

Horses are beautiful, noble creatures - with individual character yet somehow devoid of human frailty .... when they are true champions they seem to inspire us and lift us out of our dull lives.... give us a chance to admire strength and beauty and feel good about the world.

Phar Lap and Peter Pan helped people forget the depression ..... Carbine was farewelled by 10 000 Melburnians 3 years after he had finished racing, when he left for the UK to stand at stud.

Bernborough excited the nation after WW2 with his seemingly impossible finishing runs.

Super Impose drew a bigger crowd than the Queen when he paraded at Randwick a few years after his retirement.

Yesterday at Randwick racing history was made ...records smashed ...and the biggest crowd possible was there to be part of it. 25 wins undefeated (world record) - 15 Group '1s... (beats Kingston Town's Australian record) - 8 group 1's in succession undefeated (beats Bernborough's Australian record)

AB Paterson ('The Banjo')


Do they know? At the turn to the straight
Where the favourites fail,
And every atom of weight
Is telling its tale;
As some grim old stayer hard-pressed
Runs true to his breed,
And with head just in front of the rest
Fights on in the lead;
When the jockeys are out with the whips,
With a furlong to go;
And the backers grow white to the lips –
Do you think they don’t know?

Do they know? As they come back to weigh
In a whirlwind of cheers,
Though the whips have left marks of the fray,
Though the sweat on the ears
Gathers cold, and they sob with distress
As they roll up the track,
They know just as well their success
As the man on their back.
As they walk through a dense human lane,
That sways to and fro,
And cheers them again and again,
Do you think they don’t know?

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